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bonneville salt flats

Clay | 2017-05-25 01:48:43 

Hello, I recently found this on google images, thought it was a non copyright image. After extreme manipulation in GIMP, I made a really nice abstract landscape. I wanted to try to get trap nation to use it as a thumbnail in a youtube video, But then I started to think about copyright issues. The image is so highly manipulated it would be near unrecognisable as this photograph, But I still thought I should make sure. Whoever the photographer is, Please contact me or reply If I can use my image, I would really appreciate it ( I spent 5 hours on this project, hope it doesnt go to waste )



lyndiperry | 2016-11-08 22:07:18 

 These are beautiful! I would like to use one for a poster. How can I purchase a one-time use or get permission?

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